After a Communicable Disease: The Cleaning Process

Infectious Disease Cleaning

Infectious control cleaning (IC cleaning), what does this bring to mind? In the current state around the world Coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, whether this is on a personal level, or a professional level. The reality that we are all living in is that this pandemic is affecting us all in some way. We have all heard the recommended guidelines from the CDC and the WHO. This blog will be about the procedures being conducted to clean up after such viruses.

Types of Infection Control Cleaning

There are two types of infection control cleanings that can be performed. High Touch/Contact cleaning is aimed at being more preventative while a Full Deep Cleaning can be performed should you have a person or persons who are confirmed positive. Each type of cleaning involves the use of an EPA registered disinfectant. These disinfectants appear on the EPA List N. During both levels of cleaning technicians should be in full personal protective equipment which includes: suits (with hoods and boots), gloves, respirators and safety glasses.

High Touch Cleaning

High touch/contact cleaning includes surfaces such as hand rails, door knobs, light switches, desks, desk top items, phones, vehicle interiors, tools, equipment etc. The process includes a fogging or misting of surfaces with the EPA approved disinfectant. It is then allowed to remain on the surface for the period of time as directed by the manufacturer. The surface would then be damp wiped with the same disinfectant and disposable rags. A second light fogging or misting of surfaces with the disinfectant would follow the hand wiping. The second application would then be allowed to remain on the surface to dry. In an office environment it is advised that any loose papers be filed or put away and that all electronics be shut down and/ or powered off as to not be damaged during the cleaning process.

Full Deep Cleaning

Infectious Disease Full Deep Cleaning

The full deep cleaning includes everything outlined in a high touch cleaning and also includes the walls, floors, carpet, and furniture upholstery. When cleaning the carpet and upholstery the use of the EPA registered disinfectant would be used as a pre spray on those surfaces followed by a deep, high temperature, steam cleaning. Once again that same disinfectant would then be applied by fogging or misting once the steam clean has been complete and allowed to dry. Should your office or facility have cloth cubicles the fogging or misting can also be applied to the cloth of cubical walls.

The processes outlined here can be conducted for not only the current Coronavirus but most other viruses as well. Bear in mind with diseases as serious and contagious as COVID-19, professional help is always advised. Contact us at Octagon if you have questions or concerns about infectious disease cleaning.