Flooded Basement Clean Up with Octagon Cleaning & Restoration Services

Flooded Basement Clean Up with Octagon Cleaning & Restoration Services

The prospect of a flooded basement clean-up is undoubtedly a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Seeing cherished possessions damaged or destroyed by water is distressing, but your troubles might not end there. If the water is not promptly and correctly cleaned, it can lead to more significant issues. Standing water could potentially damage the structural integrity of the basement. It can also become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, leading to severe health problems for the house’s inhabitants. 

A flooded basement can happen unexpectedly—a burst pipe or water supply line, sump pump failure, heavy rainfall, and flooding that causes water to seep into your house. Once it happens, cleaning up the water damage can be challenging and overwhelming, yet it’s still important to act immediately. More than an inconvenience, the longer you wait to deal with the situation, the more extensive the damage may become, the more expensive, possibly affecting multiple areas of your house. 

Flooded Basement Cleanup: Important Steps and Risks to Consider

What to Do

There are several important steps to take that can help to limit the damage to your home. Among these is contacting your insurance agent and making him or her aware of the situation. Just as important is promptly addressing the source of the water intrusion. If the water is still flowing, attempt to shut it off at the source. Then, if possible, initiate a clean-up process to prevent further deterioration and minimize the overall impact on your property. However, even though you may be inclined to take matters into your own hands, be aware that, when dealing with a flooded basement, it’s essential to exercise caution and consider the potential hazards involved, especially when attempting to clean it up independently. 

Know the Risks

One significant risk is the danger of electrocution. When water comes into contact with electrical outlets, wiring, or appliances, it creates a serious electrical hazard. Even if the power to the basement is turned off, residual electricity may still be present, making it unsafe to enter the space without proper training and equipment. Another risk is from gas lines in the home. If there are any, smell the gas and check for damage. There is also the matter of debris like nails, screws, sharp objects, and broken glass hidden in the water.

Other factors to consider before taking on the task of flooded basement cleanup are the water depth and the type of water that has flooded the basement. It’s one thing if surface water is pooling on the basement floor. If you cannot see the basement floor through the water, it’s another. If the cause of the flooding is from outside the house or related to sewage or septic backups or overflows, it can present significant health risks. Contaminated water can contain various harmful substances, including bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, that can cause illness or infection. 

Why Professional Cleaners

While you can attempt to clean up water damage independently, it’s not recommended. Professional cleaners are well-equipped to handle any dangers the situation may present. They have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure the basement is safe before beginning the cleanup process. They are trained to identify potential electrical hazards and take the appropriate steps to mitigate the risk of electrocution. They have the tools and equipment to deal with debris-filled, contaminated water. The average homeowner is unlikely to have the same level of expertise, increasing their chance of accidents and injuries. By seeking the help of a professional cleaning service, homeowners are assured of a safe and efficient cleanup process.

Professional cleaning and restoration services also know what to do. They will be able to assess the full extent of the damage and implement an appropriate action plan immediately. The type of water must be identified, and the affected areas and materials must be evaluated. A series of pumps, vacuums, and specialized equipment remove the standing water from the basement. Once the water has been extracted, industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers are employed to thoroughly dry out the basement and restore normal humidity levels to prevent mold growth and rot. 

Expert Water Mitigation & Restoration Services by Octagon Cleaning & Restoration: Your Partner in Recovery

You don’t have to go alone if your basement has been flooded. Choosing the right company will help you recover quickly and protect your home or business investment. Octagon Cleaning & Restoration is the area’s leading expert in water mitigation and professional water restoration services. We have helped thousands of businesses and homeowners recover from water damage situations. At Octagon, we are committed to excellent customer service and satisfaction, with the experience and capabilities to restore your home to a safe and habitable condition.