Infection Control Cleanup Services

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration is the industry leader when it comes to infection control. Whether it is a bloodborne pathogen, influenza, coronavirus, or any other type of contaminant that requires aggressive sanitization in the indoor environment, help is only one call away. When a building, room, or area is suspected of being contaminated it can pose a potential health and safety risk to all occupants via airborne viruses, contact with contaminated surfaces, and potentially the buildings HVAC system can even spread these contaminants to other areas. The disruption to public buildings, schools, and private businesses can be profound if workers become concerned about an outbreak; in these situations, professional restoration is often required. 

CDC Infection Control Guidelines

The CDC has strict guidelines for proper building sanitization which involves thorough hygienic cleaning using an EPA registered disinfectant and a methodical cleaning procedure. Workers must wear proper PPE which includes at a minimum p100 full-face respirators and medical grade nitrile gloves to protect the most common human viral pathways (eyes, nose, mouth). Workers should additionally wear coveralls with hoods and boots as an added precaution to prevent viral transmission on clothing items. Typically carpets and upholstery require steam cleaning and often a building’s HVAC system requires cleaning to limit the risk of viruses passing through heating and cooling ducts.

Infectious Disease Cleanup Beyond Surface Cleaning

When any threat of infection impacts your facility, Octagon Restoration is the top choice of government officials, facilities professionals, and decision-makers throughout the Northeast. We can provide a level of infection disease cleanup service and professionalism that is unsurpassed in the industry and help ensure a safe healthy indoor environment. 

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration offers a truly free estimate of the projected cost to repair and replace the damage to your structure.

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