How to Find the Best Company Offering Restoration for Water Damage

best water damage restoration company

Water damage: an unfortunate part of property ownership that you hopefully will never deal with. However, according to the Insurance Information Institute, 98% of basements will experience some form of water damage at some point. Whether it’s due to a pipe leaking, extreme weather, or a failed appliance (among many other sources), it’s important to ensure you’re prepared to handle the affected space quickly. Have a game plan in place! The first thing you’ll need (after stopping the source of water) is a water mitigation company. Knowing who you’ll call is critical to making things happen fast.

Water mitigation is important for obvious reasons: to reduce damage caused by the water and to get back into your home  (or business) as soon as possible. In turn, you’ll probably save money by minimizing the risk of secondary damages (less replacing and repairing!) and mold growth later on (which involves an expensive and disruptive remediation process).

You’ll probably have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to selecting a company for water damage restoration. Not all are the same. It can be hard to take a moment and step back to make an informed decision while multiple inches of standing water in your beautifully finished basement is staring back at you… but you’ll be glad you did. 

What to Consider Before Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company

Pause and consider: you don’t let just ANY mechanic fix your car, and you should treat your home with the same level of caution and care. Some things to consider:

Licensing and Insurance 

Is this company, and its technicians (note – two separate parts!) certified by the IICRC? We discussed this in our previous article about selecting a mold remediation company, and it’s just as important when choosing a water mitigation company! Without governments regulating proper mitigation standards, we rely on this non-profit organization to determine industry standards for drying out properties affected by water. Home insurance companies even stand by IICRC regulations and use them to decide homeowners’ coverage.

Additionally, if anything goes wrong while work is being done, such as an injury or some unintentional property damage, insurance ensures you are protected and is a very good sign that a company is doing something the right way. They shouldn’t have your business if they don’t have insurance.

You probably are not personally well-versed in the expectations of a contractor. Not only should they be following IICRC standards regarding the water damage itself, but companies should also be following OSHA regulations. This ensures that the people in your home or business are educated and safely performing their duties.


Client reviews on a company’s website are great, but word-of-mouth is even better. Don’t be afraid to ask a company for references from past customers. If they have none, there’s undoubtedly a reason for it. A reputable company will very happily hand over information for a good reference. Others having unbiased confidence in their services can give you the confidence to hire them.

Hire an Experienced Water Damage Restoration Company

Remember, this is YOUR space. You have the upper hand as a paying customer and shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Safe, educated, and well-known companies can be hard to come by. After over 20 years of serving Maine and New Hampshire as water damage experts, Octagon Cleaning is proud to check all those boxes.