How to Choose the Best Mold Remediation Company

mold remediation companies

Once mold appears in your home or business, knowing which mold remediation companies to choose from can be overwhelming. To begin with, it’s not a DIY job and you shouldn’t necessarily choose the company that is geographically closest to you either. The company you hire should be one that backs up their work with a warranty. Here are some tips on how to determine the best mold remediation company for the job.

Mold Remediation is Not a DIY Project

If water damage happens and a mold situation arises, many may view it as a small outbreak, something treatable with store-bought products. In some cases, it may be possible to clean or treat minor outbreaks of mold, but generally cleaning a surface area of mold does not necessarily mean you have remediated the mold beneath the surface. It is one thing if you have been flooded or if a pipe bursts, but in some cases water damage to a structure may have gone on over an extended period of time, undetected behind a wall or under a floorboard, causing mold to gradually grow from the inside out, and spread before it surfaces. Cleaning mold is not a DIY project.

The “behind the walls” damage to residential or commercial properties can pose many dangers and problems, especially once the ventilation system has been contaminated with fungi and bacteria after water intrusion. Once that occurs, the mold issue is systemic; the structure can become “toxic,” with mold spores blown throughout the building, landing on every surface, through the wall and attic insulations, through the ductwork, your entire HVAC system, and even inhaling into your lungs. To prevent the structural and extensive spread of mold requires the help of professional mold removal companies to detect and assess the damage, and then treat the mold problem effectively.

Having a professional mold remediation company make an assessment of your property after water intrusion results in a mold outbreak is the best decision for you, your family or employees, and your property. How to choose that company is just as important of a decision. Here then, are several tips to consider when choosing the best mold remediation company for your property:

Do Research

Finding the best mold remediation company begins by doing research. Start with getting referrals from people you trust. Then, read through some of the testimonials on the company’s website. Contact some of those people if possible. Sites such as Angie’s List or Customer Lobby share reviews, warts and wrinkles included.

Do not expect the first company that comes up on a Google search to be the “best.” Those types of searches can be easily manipulated. Do not expect the closest company to you to be any better than the company in the next town over. In each case, it is unlikely you will “chance” upon the best. The company you want is the one that stands behind its work. It will take some research to find them.

Ask the Right Questions

  • The first thing to look for in a mold remediation company is whether or not they stand behind their work. What kind of warranty does the company offer? Octagon Cleaning & Restoration offers a 5-year warranty on its high-quality, specialized cleaning services for all residential and commercial properties that it remediates.
  • Next, ask if the company if it is insured and licensed. Look for a company that is fully licensed and has the proper certifications to perform the job as required. The staff should be trained and highly experienced. Mold remediation requires a high degree of expertise. The person actually overseeing the work on your property should be able to communicate with you through the entire mold remediation and removal process each step of the way.
  • Finally, a company’s certification is just as important as its reputation. Octagon Cleaning & Restoration is IICRC certified—the industry standard. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), is the institution that sets the standards and certifications for the inspection, cleaning, restoration and installation industries. More importantly, these are the standards that insurance companies adhere to.

Mold Remediation Companies Near You

If water damage happens to your residential or commercial property, and a mold situation follows, Octagon Cleaning & Restoration is the company to choose for the best and most complete mold remediation services. To learn more about mold remediation, read our blog 5 Things to Know About Mold Mediation.