8 Steps of Mold Remediation Series: Step #7- Final In-House Inspection

8 Steps of Mold Remediation Series: Step #7- Final In-House Inspection

There are 8 important steps to proper mold removal in a home or office in Maine or any other state.

Once a mold clean-up project is at a point where drying (if applicable), aggressive removal, thorough cleaning, secondary cleaning, and applying an animicrobrial coating to framing are complete, you can move on to Step 7.

Step 7 for a Proper Mold Remediation Project: Final In-House Inspection

The seventh step to a proper mold remediation project is to perform a final in house inspection of the work site prior to having testing conducted. If everything is done perfectly in the prior six steps there should not be any major findings that require attention. However often minor adjustments may need to be made such as:

  • Replacing plastic used for containment
  • Adding or reducing air scrubbers to remove airborne contaminants
  • Double checking for re-settled dust
  • Making sure everything is in order and ready for the scrutiny of a third party testing firm

It is always prudent to take a copy of the initial report provided by the industrial hygienist to walk through all of the recommendation outlined. Make certain all walls, floors, ceilings etc. are removed neatly, and make certain there are no minor details over looked during the remediation. This is a good time to utilize a laser particulate counter to monitor total air borne particulates. Particulate levels at this point should be very low and should contain no elevated levels of indoor molds.

Air scrubbers will be run aggressively after remediation and depending on the testing firm’s protocol often must be shut off for 24 hours prior to their arrival. It is important when turning these machines off to cover the intake prior to it completely shutting down to avoid mold spores backing up out of the filter system and re contaminating your cleaned work space.
It may seem redundant to go through these steps but it is very important to ensure the proper outcome. Failed post testing is very expensive and can greatly delay a project. Once every detail has been looked over it is now time to schedule testing.

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