What Should an Emergency Response Protocol Plan Include?

emergency response protocol

When faced with a disaster, time is of the essence. Often when a disaster happens from fire or water damage, it leaves business owners vulnerable and unaware of what to do. While trying to figure out how to respond time is passing which is allowing more damage to happen and costs to skyrocket. This puts a business in jeopardy; according to FEMA, 40% of businesses close after a disaster and an additional 25% of businesses will close within 2 years following a disaster. The best way to conquer this dilemma is to partner with a reputable company that offers emergency response plans before disasters strike. Once you partner with a company that offers emergency response protocol plans, you will have priority access to a team of IICRC certified experts that can quickly and accurately respond at a moment’s notice 24/7/365.

Emergency Response Protocols

  • Priority Response 24/7/365
  • Emergency protocols tailored and designed specifically for your facility
  • Industry-standard pricing
  • Instant access to your site-specific response plan via computer or mobile device

What to Expect When Partnering with an Emergency Response Team

Free consultation meeting with the building owner/manager and emergency response manager gathering specific information about the building, staff and contacts associated with the building.

These details include:

  • Building access information
  • Floorplan highlighting utility layouts
  • Electrical systems and equipment
  • Water supply shutoffs
  • Sprinkler system layouts
  • Emergency contacts including owners, occupants, and vendors
  • HVAC System layout
  • Hazardous material locations
  • Central location to stage staff and equipment

Once these details are collected, your ERP team should work with you to create a specific emergency response protocol designed for the needs of your business. This response plan should be available online and accessible via your computer or wireless device. Once your ERP team is notified of a loss, their IICRC-certified technicians will have instant access to your plan and can quickly and appropriately respond to whatever disaster you may experience. This will limit the damage, reduce downtime, and help minimize the cost of the clean-up and recovery.

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