What is Water Damage Restoration Service?

What is water damage? 

Water damage happens when you have a sudden escape of water into your home or business. These events can be a result of any of the following scenarios like a burst or leaking pipe, equipment malfunction, groundwater intrusion, weather events, flooding, etc.

Water Damage Restoration:

Is when you respond to water damage as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and restore the property to pre-loss condition.

Water damage restoration service:

  • Limits the disruption to the property
  • Stops the migration of the water from spreading further affecting more areas of the property
  • Minimizes the damages to the structural materials in the areas directly impacted by the water
  • Reduces the damages to personal belongings
  • Reduces the risk of mold growth
  • Reduces the cost of the damages saving you hundreds even thousands of dollars.

What are some ways that I can restore my property?  

  • Stop the migration of the water by stopping the flow of the water.
  • Extract all standing water from all surfaces
  • Move contents out of the path of the water.
  • Some building materials may need removal for drying purposes based on the severity of the damage.  
  • Ensure that all of the wet materials are dry and mold growth is not present.

What if I’m unable to perform the restoration myself?

Experiencing water damage can be extremely stressful, overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive to restore. Restoring your property can have many phases to complete before the restoration process is complete. Often water damages require the following services to mitigate the damage to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

  • Extraction of the standing water utilizing a sump pump or other extraction equipment
  • Demolition of some affected building materials to promote drying
  • Affected Personal belongings need to be evaluated and dried to prevent damage
  • Affected areas need to be cleaned and sanitized based on the type on the type of water and amount of time wet.
  • Drying equipment which may include special equipment, dehumidification, airflow and proper temperatures to dry the affected materials.

Are there companies available that will complete the restoration and ensure that my home or business is dry?  

Yes, many companies claim to perform disaster restoration. The problem is that not all restoration companies are created equal. To ensure you choose the best restoration company to mitigate your water damage, we recommend that you do some quick research to select a restoration company that you can trust to clean up the damages.  

What should I keep in mind when selecting a restoration company?

When selecting the proper water mitigation contractor, we recommend quickly researching the following information about the restoration contractor:

  1. Is the restoration company IICRC Certified? 
  2. Are the restoration companies technicians IICRC certified?
  3. Is the restoration company insured?
  4. Are other customers satisfied with the work that this company provides?
  5. Does my insurance company work with this restoration company?

What are some of the ways that I can find out if the restoration company I choose is trusted and qualified to complete my water damage restoration?

  • Visit their website and or Facebook page.
  • Check Angie’s list and or the Better Business Bureau to see how they rate and what customers are saying about the company
  • Check with your insurance agent to see if they have any feedback from any of their other insured.
  • If any of your friends or family experienced water damage, ask who they used and if they were satisfied with the outcome

Your home is your sanctuary the health and safety of your family are your top priority. When hiring a company that performs water damage restoration, you should feel confident in knowing who they are, how they treat their customers and if they are IICRC Certified. This will offer you the peace of mind that your home has been restored by a company that cares.