Using 3D Technology to Help Customers Recover Faster

matterport 3d imagery

When a disaster happens to a property, the damages can be extensive requiring the need to file an insurance claim and may require the need for multiple contractors to complete the repairs. This process requires us to provide an inventory of our personal property, a sketch with measurements and photo documentation of the damages to the affected rooms and contents, etc. This process takes several hours and hundreds of digital 2D photos to complete depending on the amount of damage. The use of 3D technology in disaster restoration cuts the time it takes to document the damages by more than ½ and provides the ability to tell the story of what happened without visiting the property.

What is 3D technology?

3-dimensional technology provides the user the ability to view the property in detail as if they were there. You can visualize the difference between 2-dimensional images versus the rest of the images in the pictures below. In the 2-dimensional photo, you have a small view of the room, requiring the need to take more pictures to capture the entire room. In the other three photos, you can see 3-dimensional views of the space, making it easier to see what is within each room. Please click this link to see the power of 3D used in disaster restoration. This technology allows us to walk throughout the property at our own pace anywhere we have a computer or smartphone.

Who benefits when 3D technology is used in disaster restoration?

Anyone that is involved with the restoration will benefit from the use of three-dimensional imagery. What can be more valuable than walking through a property on your own? Having the ability to walk through the property at any time from your computer or smartphone. When touring the home on your computer or smartphone, you can measure rooms, ceiling heights, cabinets, windows doors, and so on. 

The Customer:

  • Visual documentation of the damages to share with their contractor makes the repairs, giving the contractor the ability to see what needs to be replaced, measure the materials, and provide them the ability to order the supplies to have on hand when it is time to complete the repairs. 
  • Visual support for proper reimbursement when submitting an insurance claim. 

The Insurance adjuster:

  • Less time onsite documenting the damages 
  • Visual evidence of the damages making it easier to determine coverage
  • Provides a view of the damages before restoration begins so they can assess the damages for themselves
  • Provides a 3D view of the home on your computer making estimating easier, more accurate and much faster
  • Measure rooms, cabinets, ceiling heights and view personal property up close from their computer

 The Contractor:

  • Less time onsite more time to prepare for the restoration
  • Ability to view from their computer allowing them to confirm the layout of the home, building materials and measurements without having to revisit the home

When restoring property after a fire or water damage, the goal is to return the home to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible so you can get back into your home. When you hire a company that has invested in 3D virtual technology, you can be assured that we have your best interest in mind. Our primary goal is to help get you through the claims process and getting you back into your home much sooner.