There’s Water in my Basement, Now What?

Water in Basement

Unexpected water in your basement is dangerous for your home and your health. The water damage to walls and floors could ruin furniture, carpeting, and valuables. Water damage could easily turn into mold If you’re a New Hampshire home owner, here are some tips for dealing with water in your basement.

First of all, severe water damage should handled by experts. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts, Octagon is a great option as an IICRC-certified cleaning and restoration business. There are several risks involved with DIY water damage cleanup. To be safe, give Octagon a call at the first sign of water in your basement to figure out what to do next.

When water leaks into your basement for the first time, it’s vital to find the root of the problem in order to prevent future water damage. If the damage is minimal, careful examination of the surroundings can avoid future cleanups and ruined furniture. A flooded basement may seem unlikely, but The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates 60% of U.S. homes have wet basements and 38% run the risk of basement mold.

Next, you should consider what should be done with all your belongings that live in the basement. Are the items in storage already damaged or are they salvageable? Do only the valuables need to be removed from the basement? It’s important to make this distinction so that you can save as much as possible before the water gets to everything.

After the diagnosis of the damages and moving everything in the basement, it’s time to start cleaning. Yes, this is a pain, but if it’s only a little bit of water, it is better to take care of it before the water damage gets worse. Simply start by airing out the entirety of the basement and open windows and doors. Use fans to expedite the drying process. If it is too cold to do this, turn the heat up. If your basement has only experienced light water damage, make sure to thoroughly check areas for mold, since damp basements are where growth is likely to occur.

For severely flooded basements in New Hampshire or Maine, call the professionals at Octagon Cleaning and Restoration. It can be overwhelming to see the excess water pooling in your basement. With one call, Octagon promises to restore your basement as close to normal as possible. If you start removing things from the basement that you want to save, they can take care of the rest.

Don’t hesitate to call Octagon’s 24/7 hotline at 207-893-0002. The emergency response team will help save as much as they can.