Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Mold in Your New Hampshire Home

Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Mold

It’s spring cleaning time! If you live in New Hampshire, you can finally escape the hibernation of winter and open some windows in the house. This time of year is perfect for “spring cleaning” and a great excuse to check and prevent mold from growing in your home.

As you probably know, mold can be very bad for you and the others who live in the house. It can hide in the most inconvenient places and grow larger and larger with moisture and warmth. Ignoring a mold problem in your home could make it worse

Clean the forgotten areas:
Dust and lint can build up in areas over time without being cleaned. Check and clean areas like curtains, plants, screens, and other small crevices for an accumulation of dirt and dust. By doing this, you will improve the air quality in your house.

Check under kitchen and bathroom sinks:
These are hot spots for dampness, corrosion, and water stains. If you find any of these, it might be an indicator for a possible (and problematic) leak.

Leak Hunting:
While you attempt to clean the house, be on the lookout for areas that may have water damage from leaks. If you suspect that you have mold issue do not clean the area as you can disturb the mold spores and potentially spread the problem to other areas of your home. You should call Octagon for a free mold inspection.

Clean your air filters, fans, and HVAC ducts:
By cleaning these areas, you can help prevent the growth of mildew and mold in your home. These are key areas where they can grow and spread easier around the home.

For bathroom fans, keeping your fan running an extra 30 minutes after showering can remove excess moisture in the room and prevent mold growth.

For HVAC and air filters, regularly change the filters so the air being pushed out is not contaminated with fragments of mold.

Maintain Healthy Humidity levels:
Mold, along with dust mites, love the humidity. To keep them from spreading and wreaking havoc on your home, keep your house’s humidity levels to a safe and comfortable level.
Overall, areas like cabinets, dishwashers, bathrooms, and ovens are all important areas that need to be cleaned every once in a while.

If you happen to find mold or water damage in your New Hampshire home during your spring cleaning, call us at 603-239-2100 to make an appointment. We’ll clean the affected area and show you ways to avoid it for next time.