Proper Mold Remediation in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

proper mold remediation in healthcare

Mold in hospitals and healthcare facilities is a profoundly serious issue that happens more often than it should. Per the CDC, “those with weakened immune systems can develop infections after breathing in mold or having other contacts with mold.” Healthcare facilities are sensitive environments. When we seek treatment, we expect these facilities to protect us by keeping us safe from contaminates.

Mold is a fungus and needs a moisture source to grow and thrive. These sources can be from leaky pipes, groundwater intrusions, roof penetrations, etc. When any of these issues are present, they should not be ignored but corrected as quickly as possible to prevent further growth and reduce the occupants’ risks. When these issues arise in a facility that has patients with compromised immune systems, it can be deadly and should not go untreated.

How Does Mold Spread Throughout a Facility? 

Most Healthcare facilities use HVAC systems to control the environment and improve air quality. These systems can also cause cross-contamination by transporting mold spores throughout the building via the ductwork affecting operating rooms, patient rooms, and any other room that these systems are present. While otherwise, healthy individuals may not be affected, people with compromised immune systems can become ill and develop infections that can potentially result in death.

When mold impacts a healthcare facility, we recommend contacting an IICRC certified disaster restoration company specializing in Mold remediation to assess and remove the mold contamination per the IICRC standards. Once the professionals arrive, they will follow the specific processes to reduce illness and further contamination. Some of these processes include:

  • Asking that the patients get removed from the affected environment, 
  • Containing the affected areas shutting down the HVAC systems to prevent further migration.
  • Set up environmental controls using negative air machines equipped with HEPA filtration to filter out the mold spores.
  • A detailed cleaning will follow to capture and remove the contaminates from the occupied spaces and HVAC systems.

Why Hire Trained Technicians?

Many of us are unaware of the risks associated with mold contamination in people that are immunocompromised. For this reason, only trained and certified technicians should complete the remediation. These technicians know the proper procedures and protocols to follow to prevent further contamination, remove the contaminates, and ensure its occupants’ health and safety.