How to Prepare for Snowmelt and Flooding in Southern New Hampshire

How to Prepare for Snowmelt and Flooding

In New Hampshire, between the amount of snow throughout the year and the changing temperatures in spring, the snowmelt season can be dangerous for your home or business. Although snowmelt alone doesn’t usually cause flooding, it can certainly attribute to it. The snowmelt can affect your house, your business, or any of your possessions.To prevent such water damage, here are some ways to prepare for the snowmelt in New Hampshire and New England:

  • Clear out gutters, drains, and downspouts: Your drains and gutters will redirect the snowmelt water to safer places. Old branches and leaves cause blockages that cause serious damages.
  • Move snow away from your building: After a storm, instead of shoveling snow and storing it by your house’s foundation, try moving it to a safer location away from the building. That way the snowmelt will be away from the foundation.
  • Seal foundation cracks: Inspect your walls for cracks and areas where water can sneak in. A sound foundation can save a bunch of time and money in water damage repair.
  • Install a sump pump where water can be a problem: Installing a sump pump is a good backup plan if you are worried about your other drains and pumps. Remember, it is better to be prepared, no one wants to endure flood cleanup and damages.
  • Identify problem areas: Knowing where the flood water travels around your home and business is helpful when you are examining your house for water damage.

The biggest key to a successful spring season is to keep an eye on your house and the weather. If it is projected to be a warm week, maybe keep an extra set of eyes on your basement and other danger areas. The earlier you detect a problem, the quicker we can get there to fix it. If you do find a problem, you can call our 24-hour emergency response number 207-893-0002.