New Hampshire Homeowners Can Breathe Easier with Clean Air Ducts

Clean air ducts

While we still have a few more months of nice fall weather to look forward to our long summer days are winding down, which means many of us will likely be spending more time in our homes. One thing that often falls by the wayside during summertime is cleaning projects. When it’s warm and sunny outside, it’s hard to focus on spending too much time inside cleaning. But once you’ve caught up on vacuuming and dusting, don’t forget about one of the most important areas of your home that also needs to be cleaned – your air ducts.

Poor air quality can drastically impact your comfort and enjoyment of your home, particularly if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, which affects about 40% of the population. An astoundingly large percentage of people with allergies are specifically allergic to dust, which means poor air quality can have a negative impact on their overall wellbeing. Over the course of a year an estimated 40 pounds of dust is generated in your home just by everyday living. Your HVAC system inhales all that dust and then recycles it back into your air source – which you and your family members then breathe in. In addition to eliciting allergic reactions, dirty air ducts can also harbor contaminants which can cause serious health issues for anyone with a respiratory condition or autoimmune disorder.

Making your house more comfortable by cleaning your air ducts will not only lead to improved air quality, it can also save you money! According to the U.S. Department of Energy we waste 25-40% of energy used for heating and cooling. Wasted energy is money being thrown out the window. When your HVAC system is dirty it is forced to work harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature – using unnecessary energy. Along with saving money on energy, you can also avoid spending money replacing your system too often. A system that is overworked due to built up contaminants shortens the life of your equipment, resulting in you shelling out cash to have it replaced sooner than if it had been properly maintained through regular cleanings.

Your home is where you spend a large part of your time, you want to be comfortable and enjoy good air quality. If you own a home in New Hampshire or Eastern Massachusetts, call the professionals at Octagon Cleaning & Restoration at 603-239-2100 and schedule your air duct cleaning today! Maine residents can call us at 207-893-0002.