Why Maine Mold Testing Is Important for Your Health

Maine Mold Testing

Mold, which are very small organisms that grow indoors and outdoors, is a problem year-round in Maine. There are many different types of mold, some being harmless and some being incredibly toxic. Mold thrives in warm, damp, environments. Basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas are prime breeding grounds for mold spores.

Mold affects everyone differently. Common symptoms of mold exposure include a stuffy nose, itchy, watery, or red eyes, irritated skin, and difficulty breathing. People who are allergic to mold may experience fevers, shortness of breath, migraines, nausea, and dizziness. Ultimately, prolonged mold exposure in your home can potentially cause a mold infection in your lungs.

Sometimes mold is visible. Often when mold starts growing, it spreads under floorboards, inside of walls, or grows on the underside of furniture and carpets. It is almost guaranteed that if you can see mold growing, it is also growing in places not easily accessible. Mold testing is increasingly important to prevent further mold growth and to protect your health.

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration is an IICRC-certified firm in the area of mold and microbial remediation. The professionals at Octagon know how important mold testing and mold removal are. If you are concerned about mold growth in your rented apartment, workplace, or children’s school, here are a few steps you can take according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • If your landlord has not responded to your concerns about mold where you are living, you can contact your Local Health Officer or Code Enforcement Officer. Maine law can protect you if a landlord will not repair a condition that is in violation of the “Warranty of Habitability.”
  • If you believe your children are ill because of exposure to mold in their school, you should first consult your healthcare provider to find out how to protect them. Then, contact the school and local school board to express your concern.
  • If you think you’re being exposed to mold at your workplace and it’s making you sick, you should first speak to your health care provider to find out what to do to protect your health. Then, tell your employer about your concerns.

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration can help make your home, apartment, school, and workplace safer. We offer 24/7 Emergency services, so you never have to worry. Contact us today.