Ice Dams 101: What to Know

Ice Dams 101

It’s that time of year again. Winter storms in Maine and New Hampshire can be brutal! The ice can be a hazard to your home, but there are ways to prevent these problems with a few key tips.

What is an Ice Dam?

An Ice Dam is a continuous chunk of ice that forms along the margins of your roof. These ice chunks aren’t a problem when they are in solid form, but once they begin to melt, that’s where the problem begins. The melting from the warm weather pools and once the water freezes over again, the dam traps the drip water. That water then slips under the roofing and drips into the house, causing the ice damage.


Identifying an Ice Dam:

An Ice Dam usually forms at the edge of most roofs, depending on the style of the roof. Look closely at the style of the icicles that form from your roof. If they are confined to the gutters, there is likely no water trapped underneath the ice. With that being said, icicles can serve as a precursor to ice dams. You can also identify ice dams by looking for water stains or extra moisture in your attic. Constant monitoring of your roof is also important.

Ways to prevent Ice Dams:

  1. Make sure to keep the snow from piling on the roof. By removing snow from the roof after a large snow storm, you can prevent the melting and buildup of ice. Just be careful with removing the snow from the roof, because you don’t want to damage your shingles.
  1. Ensure that the inside of your house isn’t affecting the outside of your house. Properly insulate the roofing of your home to prevent the heat in your house from melting the ice on your roof.
  2. By insulating all the ceilings in your home, you can avoid the warm air in your home escaping and rising to the roof, causing the leaking.

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