How to Choose a Mold Remediation Service in Maine

mold remediation services

So you’ve discovered there’s mold in your home. This may be an issue you can visibly see, or maybe you had indoor air quality testing done – regardless, it’s time to get the ball rolling on mold remediation. The first thing is having a professional assess the situation. For your family’s or colleagues’ sake, mold is typically not a DIY project, and you should get some educated recommendations. There are lots of moving parts when it comes to proper remediation; it is so important to choose a reputable company that is trained and insured to handle this correctly so that you aren’t left with a hasty, incomplete removal that could result in the mold coming back and fast.

Tips for Choosing a Remediation Company

Are They IICRC Certified?

A not-so-fun fact is that mold remediation is not regulated by the state or federal government, which raises the question of what is the standard? Thankfully, the IICRC exists! The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is an organization that sets the standards (and provides training and certifications)  for cleaning and restoration industries. They set the standards that companies adhere to, whether it be mold removal or something as simple as carpet cleaning. Your hired company should absolutely be IICRC certified – a huge green flag that they care about doing things right the first time.

Check Out Reviews and Testimonials

Possible red flags may be found in a company’s methods of removal or by doing some internet research. Reviews are words right from the source. A referral, especially from someone you trust, can help you be sure you’re making a sound choice, not just the least expensive, fastest, or most convenient. 

Remediation vs. Fogging

Remember that mold removal has no regulations–anyone can call themselves a mold removal company. One example of a poor (but common) remediation tactic is fogging. It is advertised that the product being sprayed weighs down mold spores to the floor to make for easier removal; however, this doesn’t solve what may have caused the mold to grow in the first place. It is an expensive and ineffective technique – this is why researching the company you choose is half the battle to ensure you don’t have to repeat the process all over again.

Testing By Third Parties

Another practice to avoid is remediation companies that also do pre- and post-remediation testing. After remediation, testing proves that the space was properly cleaned and there are no fugitive mold spores. It’s a conflict of interest for a contractor to remove AND provide proof of remediation. A third party should be involved.  

A Mold Remediation Partner

A sign of a competent remediation firm is whether or not a warranty of work is provided. Many experienced contractors provide guarantees (did you know that Octagon Cleaning provides 5-year warranties on mold remediation?) of their services. This shows that they stand by their work completely. If you are in need of mold remediation or have some questions about the process, Octagon Cleaning is happy to help. We offer free inspections and over 20 years of experience to offer you the best result.