8 Steps of Mold Remediation Series: Step # 5 to Proper Mold Removal – Secondary Cleaning

8 Steps of Mold Remediation Series: Step # 5 to Proper Mold Removal – Secondary Cleaning

Once an initial cleaning has been performed and the work area is free of dust, debris and other particulates, it is time for a final cleaning in the mold removal process. This is due to the fact that small areas may be missed on the initial cleaning and because mold spores will resettle after the initial hygienic cleaning. The secondary cleaning is typically less involved than the initial cleaning and is primarily focused on cleaning horizontal surfaces (floors, ceilings, tops of cabinet, etc.) steam cleaning carpets and upholstery, and checking the entire work area to verify cleaning efficacy.

Why is Secondary Cleaning Important?

When you are dealing with fine particulates such as mold spores it is imperative to clean, clean and clean again to ensure the right outcome when removal mold from your home or business in Maine or any other state. When performing this final mold cleaning it is important to utilize a high powered LED light while cleaning to illuminate dust and any overlooked or settled out mold spores. Microfiber cloths are good choices for cleaning rags because they leave no residue and trap dust far better than terry cloths. HEPA vacuuming and cleaning floors should be a focal point of this secondary cleaning.

Secondary cleaning efficacy but a proper secondary cleaning will greatly increase the success rate of a mold remediation project. With the right approach and the right equipment even the most serious mold issue can be resolved.

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