Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration follows the EPA’s stringent standards for Methamphetamine lab remediation which includes the removal of contaminants (e.g. containers of chemicals, equipment, and apparatuses that could be used to make illegal drugs) as well as the cleanup of interior structures. 

Meth Lab Cleanups are Dangerous

The chemicals that are used to manufacture or “cook” Meth can contaminate not only a structure, but the HVAC, plumbing, and septic systems. A Methamphetamine lab is one of the most dangerous structures someone could walk into. There is a list of poisonous chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamines which cling to surfaces and can remain in the air. What are some of the dangers posed to people exposed or unprotected? These can include everything from headaches, nausea, birth defects, respiratory ailments, liver damage, kidney failure, and more.

Hire the Professionals at Octagon!

In order to avoid health repercussions down the road, you will need an experienced meth lab clean up and remediation professional to ensure the procedure is done right the first time. Whether you need a residential or commercial facility decontaminated, hire someone who has hazardous waste cleanup expertise and is certified to conduct cleanup operations at known or suspected meth labs.