Specialized Cleaning Services

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration Provides Infection Control & Meth Lab Cleanup Services

Our highly-trained specialists use safe cleaning methods and the EPA and CDC’s strict guidelines to perform Infection Control Cleanup and Meth Lab Cleanup services for residential and commercial customers.

Infection Control Cleaning

When a building, room, or area is suspected of being contaminated it can pose a potential health and safety risk to all occupants via airborne viruses, contact with contaminated surfaces, and potentially the buildings HVAC system can even spread these contaminants to other areas. The disruption to public buildings, schools, and private businesses can be profound; in these situations, professional restoration is often required. Whether it is a bloodborne pathogen, influenza, coronavirus, or any other type of contaminant that requires aggressive sanitization in the indoor environment, help is only one call away.  

Meth Lab Cleanup

In order to avoid serious health repercussions down the road, you will need experienced remediation professionals to ensure proper procedures are followed for Methamphetamine lab remediation. We follow the EPA’s stringent standards for which includes the removal of contaminants (e.g. containers of chemicals, equipment, and apparatuses that could be used to make illegal drugs) as well as the cleanup of interior structures.