Attic Mold: The Importance of Proper Ventilation

Getting rid of attic mold is crucial to protecting your home’s value and to protecting the health and safety of your family. At the same time, your home’s ventilation systems must be updated or improved to keep moisture out and away from your home. This is essential to prevent recurring attic mold issues. Attic Mold: … Continued

8 Steps of Mold Remediation Series: Step # 4 – Cleaning of Workspace and Surrounding Areas of Mold Spore Contamination

The fourth step to proper mold remediation in Maine or any other state involves cleaning of the work space and any surrounding areas that may have been previously contaminated by mold spores or growth. When we talk “cleaning” in mold remediation, we are not talking about normal cleaning.  We are talking about a hygienic cleaning … Continued