Asbestos in Older Buildings: Are You At Risk?

Once widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial building and construction materials, many older homes, offices, schools, and commercial and public buildings still contain original materials that were made with asbestos. There is a good chance that some of the flooring, siding, insulation, shingles and many other common building materials in these older properties consist of asbestos. On the positive side, asbestos is not dangerous until it begins to wear. However, once it begins to show aging, fibers are released, become airborne, and can be inhaled.

Hire a Certified Asbestos Remediation Specialist

Commercial or residential property owners should not wait. To safely remove the hazardous material, contact a certified asbestos specialist like those at Octagon Cleaning & Restoration. Asbestos professionals are those workers, contractors, supervisors, and inspectors who have gone through an accredited EPA Model Accreditation Plan (MAP).

When conducting asbestos inspections or designing or conducting response actions at schools and public and commercial buildings, the EPA requires the use of trained and accredited (MAP) asbestos professionals. They know what to look for, can take samples for analysis, and prevent an increased health risk if fibers are released. Untrained personnel taking samples is not recommended. If done incorrectly it could release fibers and be more hazardous than if the material was left alone.

Octagon Cleaning & Restoration provides asbestos removal for residential and commercial properties by trained and accredited asbestos professionals. Octagon’s asbestos professionals will know what to look for and make the environment you work or live in a safe place to be.