Tips for Home Water Damage Clean Up

what to do if you home has winter water damage

Water damage to your home can happen quickly and unexpectedly by flooding, a burst pipe, melting ice, ice dams, a leaky roof, etc. When it happens, home water damage clean up can be a challenge, if not outright overwhelming. But the sooner you act, the sooner you can limit the damage to your home. Contact … Continued

What is an ERP and How Does it Work?

How Does ERP Work?

ERP, Emergency Response Protocol, is a plan of action that businesses follow should they ever experience a disaster, such as a fire or a flood. The logic behind creating an ERP plan is that if there is an emergency, the necessary steps to follow are already clearly defined. This includes who to call, where important … Continued

How to Recover After a Fire

Fire Damage Recovery

If you experience a fire in your home or business, it can be devastating. Even if the building isn’t a total loss, even a minor fire has the potential to cause significant damage between the flames, ash, and smoke. Here’s how you can begin to recover and get back to normal as quickly as possible after … Continued

What to Do If You’ve Got Ice Dams

Ice Dams in Gutters

Winters can be harsh in New England, and this year is no exception. Between the snow and the freezing rain, it feels like we’re spending the majority of our free time shoveling, snow blowing and salting our driveways and walkways. But don’t forget there’s another place the snow and ice are piling up – your … Continued

What Usually Causes Mold?

What Causes Mold

As most homeowners and business owners know, mold removal is no fun. Although mold grows outside and actually serves a purpose, mold inside the home only causes health concerns for you and your house. The way that mold works is that it needs a food source (such as drywall, carpet, or wood), warmth, darkness, enough … Continued

6 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Your Winter Vacation

If you are planning on getting away this winter, you need to make sure your home is ready for your vacation before you start shopping for flip flops and sunscreen. We have been fortunate in New England that so far the winter has been relatively mild, but cold temperatures and snow storms are very common … Continued

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Ice Dams

Snow and cold weather have finally arrived in Maine and New Hampshire, which is great news for ski resorts but can often lead to headaches for homeowners. Along with rising heating bills, another side effect of winter weather is an increased chance of ice dams forming on your roof. Ice dams are continuous blocks of … Continued

6 Tips for Smoke Detector Safety

  It’s that time of year again, time to fall back. This Halloween after you’ve given out the last piece of candy and tucked in your ghosts and goblins for the night, don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour because November 1 marks the first day of Daylight Savings Time.