Why it is Important to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Why its important to clean carpet

“I’ll clean it next time” is something most of us say when it comes to the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Maybe you are in a hurry and can’t get to the whole house, so you say you’ll clean that part of the house “next time.” When in reality, next time comes and goes and we … Continued

4 Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

Winters in Maine and New Hampshire aren’t just tough on the outside of your home, they can also be challenging to the inside as you and your family track snow, dirt and salt inside – all of which can potentially stain and damage your carpet. By following a few simple cleaning tips, you can keep … Continued

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

10 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Fresh and Clean Carpeting – we walk on it, sit on it, put furniture on it, and lounge on it. It absorbs fur and dander from pets, food and drink that are accidentally spilled, and dirt and mud on the bottom of shoes, as well as enduring general wear … Continued

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Maine: Do I Need It?

Did you know that carpet is a textile just like upholstery, lines and clothing? Trained carpet cleaning professionals must take the time to understand everything your flooring and furniture goes through – individual material types, colors, treatments, age, traffic areas, and special needs should all be carefully considered before selecting a service method that will … Continued